Your Donations Make A Difference!

Your help is needed to keep the work of HHOP alive. We cannot change lives without help from individuals, Rotary Clubs, and non-profit organizations.

honduras-children-waterDonations are needed to acquire Bio-sand water filters. The water filters are shipped from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to a warehouse in Honduras. Three grades of gravel and sand are produced onsite for the filters at approved specifications. Warehousing and Honduran import taxes are paid. The total cost of each filter is $125.00. This does not include installation.

Donations also help HHOP reduce filter costs to nongovernmental agencies and churches desiring to install filters: the same mission as ours.

Donations to HHOP enable scholarships to be granted to students traveling on the work trips. These students are high school Interact or college Rotaract members. Exposing young people to other cultures, levels of poverty existing in other countries, and the satisfaction of giving back to make this a better world are life changes experiences.

HHOP also helps manage grant funds from other Rotary Club health and humanitarian projects. If you know of a club project you would like to support, contact HHOP about making your tax deductible donation through us.

Buy a filter. Donate to HHOP. Click on the link or mail your donation in a check made out to HHOP and mailed to:

19718 West Pierson Road
Pierson, MI 49339
You will be sent a receipt for tax purposes.

Where Do Donations Go?

  • Helps to acquire bio sand filters to provide clean drinking water to people in Honduras
  • Each filter costs $125 USD (not including installation)
  • Grant scholarships to students who travel on outreach trips
  • Exposes U.S. students to third-world cultures and the depth of poverty; satisfaction in giving back
  • Contact us to learn more about HHOP outreach projects

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