Our Leadership Team — Heath Humanitarian Outreach Project

HHOP was created by four West Michigan Rotary Clubs: Grand Haven, Holland, Muskegon, and Spring Lake. Each club pays a yearly fee to support HHOP. The board has members from
each club. Board members are volunteers and do not receive compensation for their efforts.

Representing Grand Haven:

  • Bari Johnson
  • Gail Ringelberg
  • Jodi Kurburski

Representing Holland:

  • John Gronberg
  • Kathy DeVries

Representing Muskegon:

  • Mark Meyers, President
  • Mark Eisenbarth, Secretary

Representing Spring Lake:

  • Ray Komray

Ex Officio:

  • Gernot Runschke
  • Ken Lahey

TS2 Members:

  • James White
  • John Crosby
  • John Rohrer
  • Mark Piersma
  • Ross Conran
  • Bill Donberg

Thank you to other Rotary Clubs for supporting the work of HHOP through donations to specific projects.

For inquires into HHOP or to contact a board member, please contact Mark Meyers at 231-798-4391.


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