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Volunteer Testimonial - Shannan

The trip to Honduras really helped affirm what is important in life….family.  The Honduran people are so happy, kind and welcoming and have very little in terms of material goods.  I often reflect on this when I feel pressure to “keep up with the Jones.”  Building relationships has always been an essential part of who I am, but the trip to Honduras has now kept that in the forefront of my daily life.

Shannan2013 and 2015 Honduras Trips

Meeting the Rotary Family was big for me in the 2013 Honduras trip.  In the Honduras Rotary clubs we visited, we met and worked with very talented and committed Rotarians and Interactors, just like us in Michigan, who demonstrated the good influences of Rotary in their communities. Small clubs took on big projects. They treated us like family.  My perception of the sweep of Rotary and the truly international nature of Rotary became much more clearly focused as a result of this trip.

John N.2013 Honduras Trip

I was truly in awe upon seeing the Sierra del Merendon mountain range for the first time. The view was more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined, and what I experienced there has left a lasting impact on my life. The incredible people we interacted with exuded such inspiring optimism in the face of scarce and inadequate resources that made life very challenging for them. Each and every person I met was welcoming, kind, and ultimately thankful for what we were doing up there. Overall, the trip was a humbling experience that opened my eyes to value of helping others.

John M2014 Honduras Trip


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