Get Involved: Volunteer With HHOP

There are many ways you can help HHOP with its humanitarian missions to bring clean drinking water and life supplies to Honduras and other countries:

  • Help raise funds for outreach trips.
  • Participate in a trip to install water filters, deliver school supplies to elementary students, and bring personal hygiene care packages to villagers.
  • Partner with a West Michigan church to purchase Hydraid® BioSand Water Filtration Systems for projects around the world.
  • Educate friends and family about the impact HHOP programs have in Honduras and other poor nations.
  • Share our story on social media.
  • Have your Rotary Club become a partner in a global grant.
  • Join a local Rotary.

HHOP VolunteersAt least once a year, Members of West Michigan Rotary Clubs, student groups associated with the Rotary (high school and college students), and if there is room, friends and family, go to Honduras to offer support to those in need.

HHOP’s most recent trip leaves for San Pedro Sula, Honduras on March 4, 2015. Upon arrival, the team will travel into the surrounding Merendon Mountains to continue building relationships with village leaders, residents, and schools. They will install water filters to help fight against dangerous bacteria and parasites; deliver school supplies to students at a village school, and they’ll donate white shirts and blue pants and skirts, the standard school uniform, so poor students without the means can go to school.

“The kids just light up,” said Muskegon Rotarian and HHOP Board Member Mark Meyers. “They think it’s so cool that foreigners would visit their school in a tiny village.”

HHOP is a volunteer organization. Every board member is a volunteer, including our CEO. All funds are used to advance our mission: supporting, promoting and operating international health and humanitarian projects.

The current emphasis is on installing new, and checking previously installed water filters. Local Rotarians work with Honduran officials and village leaders to determine who and where the filters should be installed. We arrive to do the manual labor, survey homeowners about their family health, and follow up to determine how the filters made a difference in their lives. We trouble shoot filters previously installed and repair them when needed.

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Recent Testimonial

"The trip to Honduras really helped affirm what is important in  

The Honduran people are so happy, kind and welcoming and have very little in terms of material goods.  I often reflect on this when I feel pressure to "keep up with the Jones."  Building relationships has always been an essential part of who I am, but the trip to Honduras has now kept that in the forefront of my daily life."

— Shanan