Water Filtration

Clean Drinking Water — A Life-or-Death Necessity


At HHOP, we believe everyone should have access to clean drinking water. For the price of a baseball ticket, a new pair of shoes, or night on the town, you can help us to save lives in Honduras and other poor nations. Thanks to Cascade Engineering and its Hydraid® BioSand Filters, families in third-world nations have safe drinking water in their homes, unlike the water these children are playing with.

The total cost of each filter is about $125 USD, depending on the fluctuation of the cost of goods. This does not include installation. Donations to HHOP also helps reduce filter costs to nongovernmental agencies and churches desiring to install filters: the same mission as ours.

HHOP sends teams to Honduras to install Hydraid BioSand Water Filters, and we also sell them for others to install around the world.


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Clean Drinking Water – Not Everyone Has It.

Solution: Hydraid Bio-Sand Water Filtration.

Resources For Volunteers

Are you a volunteer in the field and need access to installation or maintenance manuals for the Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter? Click or tap the buttons below for PDF instructions. We also have a PDF to help you with sanitation and hygiene recommendations. 

Recommendations: Installation Quick Tips

  1. Make sure you turn the bag of sand at least 3 to 4 times, so that the sand is mixed inside the bag. The smaller size sand will always find its way down to the bottom of the bag, so you need to turn it.
  2. When you pour the sand in the filter make sure you have a lot of water and pour all the sand at once. Non stop allows a better distribution of all of the particles. Also try to do it slow, so that there is no air bubbles in the middle of the filter.
  3. Before you start the regulation process of the water flow, make sure the sediment has gone down already. There may be to much sediment in the filter, but it is easier to take it out than add more to it.

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